Cat Ba National Park serves as a lung amid the ocean
Cat Ba National Park stands as one of Vietnam and the world’s most expansive biosphere reserves, boasting rich value in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems and offering visitors the chance to explore its diverse flora and fauna and outdoor activities.
A picturesque forest path leading to Cat Ba National Park.__Photo: VNP/VNA
Adventurous tourists explore walking trails within Cat Ba National Park.__Photo: VNP/VNA
Cat Ba National Park hosts a semi-wild animal breeding area.__Photo: VNP/VNA
Every October, visitors are treated to the sight of beautiful and vibrant butterflies.__Photo: VNP/VNA
Various reptiles, including snakes and lizards, still thrive within Cat Ba National Park shelters.__Photo: VNP/VNA
A tour guide provided by the Management Board accompanies visitors, offering guidance and insightful information along the route.__Photo: VNP/VNA
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