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Sunday, June 11, 2023

Draft law permits the use of foreign driver’s licenses in Vietnam

Updated: 14:10’ - 26/05/2020
Foreign drivers might use driver’s licenses granted by their home countries when joining road traffic in Vietnam, according to a draft revised law on road traffic proposed by the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

A foreigner is seeking information on renewal of driver’s licenses at Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Transport__Photo: Internet

Specifically, driver’s licenses that are valid for use include (i) driver licenses issued by Vietnamese authorities, (ii) valid driver’s licenses granted by foreign countries on the principle of reciprocity; (iii) valid driver’s licenses granted by foreign countries under treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party;  (iv) international driver’s licenses; and (v) national driver licenses granted by member states of the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, for foreigners.

The draft also classifies driver’s licenses into 17 different categories instead of 12 ones as currently, namely A0, A1, A, B1, B2, B, C1, C, D1, D2, D, BE, C1E, CE, D1E, D2E and DE.

Driver’s licenses A0 would be granted to drivers of mopeds (including electric mopeds) with a cylinder capacity of under 50 cm3 or engine capacity not exceeding 4 kW. Drivers permitted to operate this type of vehicle must be full 16 years or older.

Grant of driver’s licenses for people with disabilities is also provided in detail. Accordingly, people with disabilities who operate three-wheeled motor vehicles designed for them would be granted driver’s license A1, while those who operate automobiles designed in conformity with their forms of disability would be granted driver’s license B2.

The MOT also proposes changes in validity of driver’s licenses. Accordingly, driver’s licenses A0, A1, A and B1 would have indefinite validity. driver’s license B2 would be valid until the license holders turn full 60 years. Particularly for those who are granted a driver’s license B2 when they are aged 60 years or older, their licenses would be valid for 10 years from the date of grant. Driver’s licenses B would be valid for 10 years, while others would be valid for five years.

Noteworthily, the MOT requires automobile drivers and passengers to wear safety belts if their sitting positions are equipped with seat belts. When operating vehicles, divers would be banned from using mobile phones and doing things that might cause danger to others such as throwing objects or creating obstacles on the road.- (VLLF)


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