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Official Gazette

Friday, December 3, 2021

Government resolves on its action plan for 2016-21 period

Updated: 07:38’ - 24/11/2016
The Government has recently issued its action plan during 2016-21 under Resolution No. 100/NQ-CP, focusing on six major tasks to be performed in the next five years.

Accordingly, the plan aims to streamline the Government’s apparatus, and build the capacity of cadres and civil servants to meet their task requirements.
Resolution No. 100/NQ-CP aims to streamline the Government’s apparatus, and build the capacity of cadres and civil servants to meet their task requirements__Photo: Internet

At the same time, solutions will be taken to renew the growth model as well as improve the growth quality, labor productivity and the competitiveness of the economy.

During the period, the Government will focus on improving the material and spiritual lives of people and settling urgent issues to ensure social welfare and step up sustainable poverty reduction.

The plan stresses the importance of development of human factors in all fields of social life, with special attention paid to developing people’s morality, lifestyle, knowledge and working capacity.

It also affirms the Government’s determination in struggling for national independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity, maintaining political security and social order and safety, increasing the efficiency of external relations together with proactive international integration, and keeping an environment of peace and stability to create favorable conditions for national development.

In addition, public information work will be strengthened during the period, the plan says.

The Government asks for continued implementation of three strategic breakthroughs previously set out by the Government, including improving the socialist-oriented market economy institution, comprehensively reforming the education and training sector to develop human resources, especially high-quality ones, and building a complete infrastructure system.

Based on the tasks set forth in the action plan, the Government requires ministers, heads of minister-level agencies and government-attached agencies as well as chairpersons of provincial-level People Committees to build their own action plans for the whole tenure and concretize them into annual tasks, while continuing to formulate, review or revise mechanisms, policies, plans, programs and projects for submission to the Government or the Prime Minister.- (VLLF)

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