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Monday, September 26, 2022

More specific regulations to protect housemaids

Updated: 10:40’ - 01/07/2014

From May 25, the salary of housemaids will not be lower than the regional minimum wage levels prescribed in Government Decree No. 182/2013/ND-CP of November 14, 2013.

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Such is provided in Government Decree No. 27/2014/ND-CP of April 7, detailing a number of articles of the Labor Code regarding housemaids.

Accordingly, those who employ housemaids must sign with these housemaids labor contracts clearly stating monthly wages, living conditions, travel allowances when the labor contracts expire on schedule, and compensations for damage caused by housemaids to their employers.

For employment of a housemaid aged between 15 and 18, a written consensus by a legal representative of the housemaid is required.

Employers and housemaids may reach agreements on probation. However, the probation period must not be longer than six days.

Along with the above-mentioned wage amounts, employers are required to give their housemaids money so that they can pay social and health insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, bonuses for housemaids are calculated based on mutual agreements with their employers. Specifically, they may enjoy 12 paid days off for every full work year and get paid for days off being public holidays and Lunar New Year festival every year.

House maids and their employers can negotiate how days off are to be spent during the term of the labor contracts.

In the event that employers request housemaids to work overtime in addition to the hours stated in their labor contracts, they have to pay overtime wages to these housemaids under Article 97 of the Labor Code.

The two sides may negotiate on specific working hours, provided that housemaids are entitled to rest for at least eight hours a day, including six consecutive hours, and that they are allowed to rest for at least 24 consecutive hours every week.-


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