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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Power control important to Party building

Updated: 16:58’ - 14/10/2019
The Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam on September 23 issued the Regulation 205-QD/TW on control of powers in personnel work in both the Party and State systems.

The Regulation, with four chapters and 15 articles, highlights main mechanisms to control powers; identifies acts of illegally lobbying for promotion and signs of covering up and abetting illegally lobbying for promotion; and specifies responsibilities of related organizations and individuals.

Party Secretary General-President Nguyen Phu Trong chairs a meeting to review personnel work in preparation for the 13th Party National Congress__Photo: Tri Dung/VNA

Under the Regulation, there are six types of acts of illegally lobbying for promotion to higher positions:

(i) Approaching  and establishing relations with persons in high-ranking positions or their related persons for the purpose of getting promotion or gaining benefits;

(ii) Taking all opportunities to approach persons holding leading positions or their related persons to give them high-value gifts or arrange entertainment activities for them for the purpose of gaining their support and confidence and on that basis, getting promotion or gaining benefits as desired;

(iii)  Abusing personal relations or making use of advantages, working positions and prestige of others to influence or put pressure on responsible persons to force them to  nominate or introduce candidates to working positions;

(iv) Abusing internal information or negative information as bargaining chips for promotion to higher positions;

(v) Requiring promotion in an irrational manner on the basis of family backgrounds or achievements recorded in the past;
(vi) Applying other illegitimate tools to obtain the position or benefits as desired.

Those who commit the following acts will be considered having covered up or joined hands with others in illegally lobbying for promotion: directly or indirectly receiving bribery; supporting or acting as brokers for others in their pursuit of powers in an illegitimate manner; covering up or failing to report on or handle acts of illegally lobbying for promotion; abusing their powers or prestige to force others to agree with their opinions on personnel work; making false certification of, or falsifying dossiers, election results, vote of confidence results, etc.

State employees and Party members who commit violations of the regulation will be severely punished in form of warning, dismissal from office, forced resignation  or termination of labor contracts. If being Party members, they may be expelled from the Party.- (VLLF)

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