Round glutinous rice cake: Cultural delight of Pa Then ethnic group
“Banh giay” (round glutinous rice cake) is an indispensable dish on a Tet offering tray of the Pa Then ethnic people in Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province. The cakes are offered to ancestors and gods on the occasion of the traditional Lunar New Year to pray for good weather, bumper crops, prosperity, and happiness.
Rice is placed into a mortar and pounded__Photo: VNA
The prepared rice is delicately cooked on a stove__Photo: VNA
Selecting the finest sticky rice to make “banh giay”__Photo: VNA
Removing grit from the rice__Photo: VNA
Cakes are shaped into a round shape with a diameter of approximately 10cm. They represent a spirit of unity and harmony within both the family and the clan__Photo: VNA
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