Thai festival keeps ethnic traditions alive
With rituals, performances, and dances reflecting religious concepts, Then Kin Pangis a major festival containing unique artistic values and clearly expresses the creative thinking of the Black Thai ethnic people in Lai Chau province.
Offerings at the festival are provided by local villagers.__Photo: Tin tuc newspaper
A ceremony prays for good health and a peaceful and prosperous life.__Photo: Tin tuc newspaper
Shaman Lo Van Luong and priests in the village perform rituals at the ceremony.__Photo: Tin tuc newspaper
Dances and performances at the Then Kin Pang festival are attractive and fun, such as the “Tang Bang” dance, which calls for rain to water the world and make homes full of lush plants.__Photo: Tin tuc newspaper
Boxes mounted on poles are considered the home of Then (God) when he visits earth.__Photo: Tin tuc newspaper
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