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Official Gazette

Friday, August 12, 2022

Scheme on sustainable forest management approved

Updated: 15:46’ - 11/10/2018
With a view to sustainably managing and exploiting forest resources, conserving forest biodiversity, protecting ecological environment and values of forest environment services, and accelerating the grant of forest certificates in Vietnam to meet the requirements of domestic and international markets on lawful wood origins, the Prime Minister has recently approved a scheme on management of sustainable forests and forest certificates.

The Prime Minister on October 1 approved a scheme on management of sustainable forests and forest certificates__Photo: Internet
According to Decision No. 1288 dated October 1, the scheme also aims to create wood material sources in planted forests subject to sustainable forest management to satisfy at least 80 percent of the demand for export wood products, while raising the value of planted forest timbers, thereby reducing poverty for forestry workers and increasing added value for the forestry sector.

The Prime Minister requires all management boards of protective forests, special-use forests and economic organizations and enterprises that currently manage over 7 million hectares of forests nationwide to finalize and implement their own sustainable forest management plans.

Regarding the grant of forest certificates, the Prime Minister urges the recognition of different lawful forest certificates of forest certification organizations around the world regarding the evaluation and grant of forest certificates in Vietnam.

Domestic organizations satisfying the professional requirements of Vietnam and international forest certification organizations for having forest certificates will be established to maintain the total 235,000 hectares of forests for which certificates have been granted, reads the decision.

In the two years to come, certificates will be granted for 300,000 hectares of productive planted forests and protective forests of organizations, households and management boards of protective forests. During the 2020-2030 period, certificates will be granted for around 1 million hectares of forests of these types.

To achieve the above-mentioned targets, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is assigned by the Prime Minister to draft documents guiding localities to perform the management of sustainable forests and grant of forest certificates, and work closely with related ministries, sectors and localities in organizing the implementation of the scheme.- (VLLF)


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